First Mooo Commercial

Hello, my dear readers! In one of my Beef stories I promised to impress you, didn’t I? I am always fulfilling my promises and that means that today I gonna show you a new masterpiece. Are you ready?..

My blog has become so popular that I was contacted by a very active and creative female human being who accidentally found me through her friend on She was totally inspired by the fact that cows can also be gifted in writing and offered a partnership.
See the first video commercial here…


Love me like you Mooo

Hello, my dear newcomers!

Happy to greet you on these wonderful blog pages of a cow angel, who started her journalist career recently, reflecting on relationships, places and different tastes of life. With the help of this campaign “Love me like you Mooo” I want to introduce myself to you and to offer my friendship and entertainment whenever you need to refresh your mind from studies or any kind of work. By reading my cheerful blog and keeping in touch with me you will get a unique experience of interaction with a sexy, provocative and at the same time very romantic creature who seeks for love, sense of life and a lot of adventure. Let’s experience all of these together, you and me. Gonna be fun! Mooooo!
See the leaflets for my offline campaign here…